6 Signs that a New Mattress is in Your Future

You spend about a third of your life asleep. Shouldn’t you sleep well? If you haven’t replaced your mattress in a decade or have no idea how old it is, you should probably be in the market for a new mattress.


  1. You Wake Up Stiff and Aching

You may think that you are sleeping well on your mattress but what does your body have to say? Are you waking up in pain? Feeling aching? If you can stretch and the stiffness dissipates in 15 to 30 minutes after getting up, your mattress could be the problem.


An older, worn mattress can droop and develop lumps that cause back, shoulder and neck tightness and pain. Resting on the wrong surface — such as a firm mattress when a softer one may be better for your body — can also lead to pain.


  1. You Don’t Feel Refreshed

You should wake up feeling renewed and re-energized after a night’s sleep. But you won’t be able to wake up that way if you spend the night tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position. A Best Rated Mattress that helps you sleep uninterrupted can keep that daytime tiredness at bay.


  1. It’s a Bumpy Ride

Over time, the cushioning in a mattress may move around and cause lumps that can be very uncomfortable to sleep on or try to sleep around. If your mattress has bumps, it’s well past time to look for a new mattress.


  1. You Deal with Allergies

Allergies can make life unpleasant, even more so when you haven’t figured out the trigger. Beds, including mattresses, sheets, blankets and pillows, can gather a range of allergens, such as dust and animal dander. A new mattress can literally give you a clean start and a latex or memory foam mattress may help reduce the amount of allergens that your mattress accumulates.


  1. You Hear Creaking Sounds

When trying to rest, a creaking box spring can be annoying. The box spring is an important part of many mattress sets, offering the top mattress the support it needs to avoid drooping. Old box springs can break down in time, which impacts the comfort, shape and support of your bed.


Innerspring mattresses may also creak or springs may start sticking out or poking you through the fabric as it wears.


  1. You’ve Made an Impression

Among the most obvious indications that you need a replacement mattress is a visible impression in the top layers of cushion. Your body can compress those comfortable layers after years of use and cause them to wear down. This is why experts recommend flipping and rotating your mattress periodically.